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Red Newstead

Head Content Creator

Hi, I’m Red! Vivamus magna justo, lacinia eget consectetur sed, convallis at tellus. Curabitur aliquet quam id dui posuere blandit suscipit.

Red’s Story

Red Newstead has spent much of his life on the water, racing yachts on iconic Sydney Harbour. Red’s sailing expertise mirrors his expertise in his work. He and James, as joint partners in Digibid, see themselves as part of each client’s ‘crew’. Their job is to help those clients keep their sales full and tack into the wind so they can sail straight into their future.

Red started his career as a project manager in information technology. Over time, he found himself moving more and more into the bid space, as bid managers realised they needed specialists who had on-the-ground experience delivering the projects themselves. Red could provide that expertise. He also has experience leading cross-functional teams in multi-national corporations, including staff, systems and equipment selection, procurement and audit and business need analysis.

As part of team Digibid, Red is particularly talented at writing clear and concise systems documentation. He understands the importance of adapting to requirements and delivering to customers the items needed to quickly and efficiently respond to bids and tenders. He’s also the go-to expert for ensuring that once a project is on site, teams have the training and mentoring in place to understand and exploit the new systems to their full extent.

Red doesn’t mind when life throws a bit of a wobble. He recalls a time when he was out on Sydney Harbour one winter and they were headed right for another boat. They managed a quick crash tack to avoid the collision, and Red ended up chest deep in icy Pacific Harbour water. He hung on, the boat righted and everyone was fine, because they knew what to do when the pressure was on. In bid management, sometimes the pressure is on, but Red knows the right systems and processes that will help his clients right themselves, and move forward.

Despite being dragged through the deep a couple of times, Red hasn’t left the water. He continues to race single class designs, and currently you can find him on a Sydney 138 where he’s crewed with the same skipper for 20 years. When he’s not working on Digibid matters, or sailing, he loves travelling (most recently to Phuket). Red also volunteers for Project Management Institute Sydney so he can continually develop his skills for himself and for his clients.

Core Areas of Expertise

• Bid and proposal management
• Business analysis
• Customer risk mitigation
• Stakeholder, subcontractor and vendor management
• Excellent documentation, presentation and reporting skills
• Skilled at interpreting jargon into everyday language for all levels
• Ability to grasp business and technical requirements then translate into value added outcomes
• Usability and acceptance testing
• Business process re-engineering, including cutting waste, lowering costs and reducing lead times

Previous Roles

• Project Management
• Business Development
• Bid Management