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James Henderson

Technical Manager

Hi, I’m James! Vivamus magna justo, lacinia eget consectetur sed, convallis at tellus. Curabitur aliquet quam id dui posuere blandit suscipit.

James’ Story

James has spent over 20 years honing his expertise in the communication and information technology industries. He has worked for some well-known, big-name corporations, such as Telstra, Medtronic and Dell, as well as for smaller, more nimble enterprises. After a decade in IT, he crossed over from Telecommunications into healthcare technology. Most recently James worked in the healthcare division of Hills Ltd in the areas of presales engineering, estimating, bid management and proposal writing.

But eventually James found himself out of work – his experience and expertise undervalued in favour of young guns who worked for peanuts and accolades. He knew that this was his opportunity to take control of his career and exploit his creativity and capabilities. So, he began to explore the idea of building a business that would bring both value and expert assistance to his clients and provide him with an opportunity to continue to grow. It wasn’t smooth sailing at first, but ultimately, he found his niche and formed Digibid with his partner Red.

James’ speciality is in developing and building systems for knowledge management and customer relationship management, especially as it applies to business development. Within Digibid he’s the technical expert, and brings both small business and large enterprise experience. This varied background gives him the ability to transfer his knowledge between business types ensuring he can see and understand the world through his clients’ eyes.

James is also a member of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals, an international organisation that has given James a network of like-minded professionals and best practice knowledge in the areas of business development and bid and proposal management. 

Core Areas of Expertise

• Telecommunications
• Healthcare Technology
• Wireless Systems
• Mobility
• Open Standards
• Data Management

Previous Roles

• Telecommunications technologist
• Contract management
• Project management
• Technical pre-sales
• Business development
• Bid Management

James and Red work together synergistically. While James dreams the dreams and embraces his creative side to institute and design products and systems, Red focuses on technical writing and documenting the systems. Working together, they form a cohesive whole that is agile and responsive to their clients’ needs.

James understands the need for adaptability, whether it’s in his life, career or within the systems he designs for his clients. Having once been jammed into a surgical gown, at his very first procedure as a specialist orthopaedic sales representative, and thrown into an operating room at 2am while 15 medical staff stood around listening to music and the patient lay sedated among them, James knows what it means to adapt. He understands how to thrive in a new environment because he recognises that people are people. Their motivations and desires are generally the same, regardless of their industry. Because he understands this, he’s able to adapt his approach to clients in a broad variety of industries.

Outside of the hustle and bustle, James enjoys as much of nature as he can on his bike, in a kayak, in a tent or trudging down a bush track. He’s also a fierce advocate for local, Australian-grown coffee, and describing its superiority is one of his joys in life.

In the future, James is looking forward to meeting and talking with lots of Australian businesses over an espresso while continuing to lead Digibid to help business owners realise their ideals and build value into their business.